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First Interviewed Lance-Council Regarding Her Run For National Office


THE 2000 CAMPAIGN: THE CANDIDATES; Forget Third Party, These Presidential Hopefuls Offer Array of Choices


Published: July 8, 2000 Jul 8, 2000 – Temperance Lance-Council, a local activist in Los Angeles, formed the Anti-Hypocrisy Party last year as a protest against what she called the arrogance of public officials...Michael Janofsky

PHOTO COURTESY: The New York Times

TEMPERANCE LANCE-COUNCIL's interview in POLITICO by Author: Patrick Gavin | @pwgavin



“The thing I'm having the most difficulty with is getting more press,” said Temperance Lance-Council  




  • Equality for all, regardless of gender


  • Peace through strength; a strong military


  • End wage disparities; increase the minimum wage


  • The existing law of the land


  • Will work to bring high-paying and manufacturing jobs back home to America


  • Will be treated as VIPs


  • Community college fees waived on a need-income and scholarship basis


  • Reforming 3-strikes laws


  • Will be given to companies who revitalize urban areas


  • Will work with Wall Street to obtain mutual solutions beneficial to the middle-class



  • (AHP) The Anti-Hypocrisy Party of America was founded in 1999/2000 in Los Angeles, California, and is headed by Temperance Lance-Council.
  • Lance-Council began her activism in 1987 when she ran the streets of Los Angeles, clad only in a loin-cloth to protest apartheid in South Africa.
  • Further burdened by the plight of homeless women in Los Angeles, she partnered with others to form the Average Citizen’s Civic-Minded Coalition (ACC-MC) in 1989. The group hosted events to support the Los Angeles Family Housing Corp., and the Good Shepherd Center for Homeless Women & Children at the Hyatt Sunset, in the 90s. Subsequently, that group evolved into the party, as it's publicly known today.
  • Lance-Council married and went on to live in Louisiana and Florida, following her husband’s career.
  • Unable to discontinue fighting for the downtrodden and the disenfranchised, she returned to California (AHP home base) and continued the work.

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  • Mission of The Anti-Hypocrisy Party is to fight against “ALL” legalized discrimination of WOMEN & GAYS in America. 

  • AHP is a GENDER-EQUALITY party hoping to restore peace, prosperity and equality to “ALL” Americans.

  • We especially care about our combat Veterans and working-class Americans.

  • We have a particular interest in restoring urban America, as well as Appalachia.

An Interview With Temperance Lance-Council, 2016 Presidential Candidate, Feb. 10, 2016

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Meet Temperance Lance-Council, 2016 Presidential Candidate by lakefist

Temperance Lance-Council is the founder of gender-equality, progressive, Anti-Hypocrisy Party. She made a history by being the only African-American, female, third-party, presidential candidate who has appeared in The New York Times, a cover girl on NY’s the Long Island Press, and featured in POLITICO. Her beliefs toward the importance of GENDER EQUALITY for Americans made her establish THE ANTI-HYPOCRISY PARTY, in the year 2000, mainly to overcome the “hypocrisy” of GENDER DISCRIMINATION.

1. Briefly tell us about The Anti-Hypocrisy Party (AHP)?
Fed up with politics as usual, she co-founded the Anti-Hypocrisy Party and ran on the ticket as its first presidential candidate in 2000, where the party saw coverage in The New York Times. She’s described as a gender-equality candidate who offers solutions on immigration and for the disenfranchised. She says her fight for those groups will be synonymous with her fight to become a player on the national political stage. The Anti-Hypocrisy Party was founded in 1999 in Los Feliz, California.

2. Who is Temperance Lance-Council?
2016 Presidential candidate Temperance Lance-Council might be the best unknown candidate running in the American presidential race. Calling herself a “poli-acto” (short for politician-actress), like former senator and actor Fred Thompson (Law & Order), or former comedian and actor Al Franken (Saturday Night Live), Temperance Lance-Council does have a few role models to emulate. She began in Hollywood as an actress, but was drawn to political television commentary, where she appeared on Fox News and CNN.

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3. Why do you think you are the best candidate for 2016 election?
Temperance Lance-Council is the best candidate because she has a plan to actually fix the ills of this country:
“As a woman of color, my specific issues are how minorities and the former middle-class are being abandoned in the wake of the collapse of this economy. I’m an average American whose had real-life problems, and I would’ve been the only “real person” on that stage.” (DIRECT QUOTE)

4. Tell us what make Temperance Lance-Council stand out among other presidential candidates?
What makes her standout is: None of the other candidates have any bona fide knowledge on that. They can’t relate like I can. I see nothing being done about black and Latino poverty. I have a salient plan for urban and middle-class America that I could have laid out at the debate, that doesn’t pit Wall Street against Main Street.

5. What are Temperance Lance-Council's plans for Americans if elected?
When elected, her plan for America is:

  •     To restore America to a place of prominence in the world
  •     To bring back jobs to restore the middle-class
  •     To service Veterans properly, as they are currently not being treated well.

6. A little advice for Temperance Lance-Council fans out there?
We also advise fans / supporters to follow us on Twitter @ANTIHYPOCRISY99

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MARK POWELL: Dreading Bush, Clinton? It could be worse...By Mark Powell, The Californian mpowell@bakersfield.com Tuesday, May 19, 2015 12:34 AM

MARK POWELL: Dreading Bush, Clinton? It could be worse ...

The Bakersfield Californian May 19, 2015

"Pacific Palisades resident Temperance Lancecouncil is running as a member of “The Anti-Hypocrisy Party,” which doesn't sound like a bad idea."

Full article below:  http://www.bakersfield.com/news/2015/05/19/mark-powell-dreading-bush-clinton-it-could-be-worse.html



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About Temperance Lancecouncil

  • An atypical presidential candidate for sure, this national office-seeker began her career at a major, upstart newspaper — USA Today — in the mid-80s, and frequented local, cable shows. Later, she was approached to appear on The Hot Seat, an over-the-top, TV staple in Southern California. There, she bantered with the show’s host, Walley George, a combative conservative, "who pioneered insult television," per the Los Angeles Times (Jean O. Pasco, Times Staff Writer). That was the genesis into the lively repartee she became known for, exhibited in a Boston, MA television show in a dialogue with The New York Post’s Andrea Peyser, earlier in her career. Continuing to give no-holds-barred social and political commentary, she then found herself booked on Paramount's Leeza, with Super Bowler and former New York Giants' Harry Carson, where she gave her analysis on professional athletes (with an emphasis on Darryl Strawberry).
  • Veering back into politics, she began appearing on news networks, discussing major, global issues, like Saddam Hussein and the Iraq War on CNN; and speculating about possible U.S. Supreme Court nominations on Fox News' popular, Fox & Friends.
  • However, her sociopolitcal aspirations began as child, listening to election returns on the radio, and debating with her mother—so it’s quite plausible that she’d end up on national TV years later, espousing her political views. Although serious about politics, she’s an avid game-player, who equates the same excitement she got as a child watching the televised Watergate trials, with the wonderment she gets today playing charades.
  • The Southern-born, Lance-Council was recruited to star in a college production as a young teen, but her first staring role on the stage came at age seven. In broadcasting, she got her start doing PSAs in her home state of Virginia. There, she also co-hosted a TV show, and served as editor and producer for many of the show's segments. She counts her interview with Virginia’s first African-American governor, Douglas Wilder, (who eventually ran for president) as her most memorable; although she’s interviewed a few Super Bowl winners.
  • Add a TV pilot, NBC Universal’s Hello/Goodnight, and stints at USA Today and The Los Angeles Daily News to her credits. She's even penned a speech for former NBC (Suddenly Susan) star, Brooke Shields, which was excerpted on E! Entertainment. Although she has to include The Maury Povich Show on her resume, it must be said that the appearance was back during its "news-oriented" heyday.
  • Fed up with the field of presidential candidates (and egged on by colleagues), she threw her hat in the national ring and in 2000, founded the Anti-Hypocrisy Party. AHP  is a gender-equality, progressive party of THE PEOPLE ... working class and the disenfranchised. 
  • As head of The Anti-Hypocrisy Party, Lance-Council made a smidgen of history by being the only African-American, female, third-party, presidential candidate who has appeared in The New York Times, New York's Long Island Press, The Washington Post in POLITICO. If history books record the names of all candidates running in the George Bush, Florida "chad / Supreme Court" debacle, her name will be among them.
  • An unknown factoid about the former cheerleader, pageant girl, and marathon runner, is that she created an award-winning NASA slogan, when her former spouse worked on the Atlantis Space Shuttle.
  • Her energetic personality translated into her being a "first-called" contestant on The Price Is Right (she sold her prizes), and The Love Connection (she had a horrible date). She’s appeared in The National Enquirer ("Knockout Beauties Throwing Themselves at Tyson"), and on PEOPLE.com ("Your Real Beauty at Every Age"), People Magazine’s website.
  • Her personal life has her as an adorer of small children, but she’s childless by choice—somewhat on par with actress Ashley Judd’s view. Nevertheless, she hasn’t ruled out another husband, or a law degree. She was pursuing her law degree in Los Angeles, when NASA recruited her former husband and she moved to Florida. Her undergraduate work was done at Virginia Commonwealth University and Ferrum College (VA).

January 14, 2015


Meet the Presidents who would like to be president
Despite all the speculation and frenzy about their anticipated candidacies, none of the buzzed-about White House hopefuls have filed to run for president in 2016...

There’s also Temperance Lance-Council of Lancaster, Calif., founder of the Anti-Hypocrisy Party, who has declared herself a candidate in every presidential election since 2000. She describes herself as a “poli-acto (short for politician-actress)” in the mold of Al Franken or Fred Thompson, according to her bio on IMDb.


For those who oppose the “legalized” hypocrisy inflicted upon WOMEN and GAYS … then, this is YOUR party.



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